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 Keara's application

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PostSubject: Keara's application   Keara's application Icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 10:37 am

Main job: 75RDM
Alternate Jobs & Subjobs: 75SAM and DNC, 70BLM, 48COR, 47WHM, 37NIN, WAR and DRK
Pertinent Merits for main jobs: I have ffxiah.com account (only have 41 merits so far)
Normal Play times: 11am until 4am lol what is sleep
If you have OP warps: yes have all
Current Rank: Sandy rank 10, Windy rank 10
Zilart Mission: The Celestial Nexus
CoP Mission: 5-3 The 3 Paths (Tenzen path completed, am working hard to finish these asap)
ToAU Mission: Misplaced Nobility
WotG Mission: In The Name of The Father
Any Notable Gear: 5HQ staves, serket ring, moldy earring, ugaleppih pendant, enfeeb torque, elemental torque, royal cloak, prism cape, rdm af hands, feet and legs so far 3/5...soboro, swift belt, Bushinomimi earring...I don't have any gear from sky or nyzul or things like that yet.
Any Endgame experience: Been doing dynamis for the past year, have cities and beaucedine cleared. I am normally RDM in tank or BLM pt...I have done sky, all gods including Kirin for the past year, same have been RDM...Have done salvage and Einherjar a few times, really enjoyed those
What your goals are: To finish CoP and all other missions, to get BLM, COR and WHM to 75, then will work on other jobs to 75...to get all jobs to sub level...I've been out of endgame for awhile and I miss doing it...I am serious when it comes to events but I like to have fun...I would love to finish my af for RDM, DNC, SAM then eventually COR and BLM...would love to get Goliard from Nyzul...
Why you feel we would be a good fit for you: I am imo a skilled player while I may not have fancy EG gear yet and I think this ls sounds perfect...I read the post on bluegartr and I like how it says veterans and newer players...I think this ls could help me become an even better RDM, SAM, any job...
Any other information you think might help us with our decision: I know I don't have Sea yet and it is something I really want and just started CoP 3 weeks ago...I know its a requirement but I'm hoping I can make it into the ls and finish CoP in spare time and do other events with you all...lol and I also come with a friend Damned if you need him Very Happy has 75PLD, THF, BLM, SAM and NIN...we've done EG events together a long time, he is on same CoP as I am and would like to join as well...his jobs are geared great, he speaks french and english but lacks access to a pc at the moment...so you would get your ls a great duo who loves to help others, always attends events, are driven and fun to be around...anyway I thank you for the consideration and wish you all the best of luck in your events
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PostSubject: Re: Keara's application   Keara's application Icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 4:23 pm

Thanks for applying. Someone will be in touch shortly.
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Keara's application
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