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 Welcome to Paradox

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PostSubject: Welcome to Paradox   Welcome to Paradox Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 2:14 am

Paradox is a partial endgame or casual endgame Linkshell. Our goal is to provide a friendly and laid back environment for FFXI players to enjoy endgame events without the stress of a hardcore HNMLS. The core members of Paradox have been active in FFXI endgame for many years. Most of us have already been through the typical HNMLS scene and have either toned down from hardcore play styles or have retired from it altogether to enjoy the game more.

Our focus is to create an environment for the part time FFXI players who wish to do endgame but cannot commit to a full time HNMLS, and its strict schedule/attendance requirements. However, we do expect our members to be skilled at their jobs above the normal merit PT level and have basic knowledge of endgame strategies. Paradox is a Linkshell for experienced FFXI players who want to get out of the normal HNM time sink but still have fun doing events. However, we do accept players who are newer to the endgame scene if they have the right attitude.

We are currently running Limbus twice a week, Sky & Sea once a week, ZNMs, BCNMs of all types including KS99, and will be starting Dynamis soon. Members will not be penalized for attending Dynamis, Einherjar, and Salvage with another group. However, we ask that you use Paradox for social reasons as well, not just events. Members will not be penalized for not attending an event, but we do ask that you try to attend events regularly.

Limbus is based on a wishlist and tiered point system. All other events are based on overall attendance and the needs of our members rather than just spam farming for endless hours.
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Welcome to Paradox
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