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 Recruitment & Application

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PostSubject: Recruitment & Application   Recruitment & Application Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 4:50 am


Paradox is currently recruiting all jobs, with the following priorites:

1st Priority: Whm / Rdm
2nd Priority: Blm / Brd / Pld

If you feel that you are a strong player and that Paradox would be a good fit for you, please make a new post in the recruitment section with your application.

Once our Officers have had a chance to review it, we will let you know if you've been accepted or not. Applications are then removed from the public forums and if you are accepted, you will then have LS member viewing privileges on the site.

New members are subject to a two week trial period in which they may earn points for events they attend but may not lot on items. At the end of the trial period, Officers will determine to either; a) accept the member b) extend the trial period of the member or c) not accept the member.


***Please start a new topic to apply***

Title: Character Name

Your application should include:

Main job
Alternate Jobs & Subjobs
Pertinent Merits for main jobs (or indicate if you have a ffxiah account with updated merit information)
Normal Play times
If you have OP warps
Current Rank
Zilart Mission
CoP Mission
ToAU Mission
WotG Mission
Any Notable Gear
Any Endgame experience
What your goals are
Why you feel we would be a good fit for you
Any other information you think might help us with our decision
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Recruitment & Application
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